Sell and buy your second-hand fishing equipment in complete safety

If we add the fishermen who practice at sea and those who fish in the private sector, there are nearly 2.5 million fishermen in France! Launched in April 2019, the Circle Fishers platform enables all fishing enthusiasts to buy and sell their second-hand equipment from other enthusiasts in complete safety.Circle Fishers is a platform for buying and selling second-hand fishing equipment between individuals. The site allows fishermen to easily find what they are looking for and sellers have more chances to sell quickly what they no longer use. Launched in April 2019, Circle Fishers has more than 3,500 registered passionate fishermen throughout France.

The platform was born from a simple observation: French fishermen renew their equipment more and more often and find themselves with a lot of rods, lures, reels and accessories of all kinds that they do not necessarily use.Until now, to buy and sell second-hand fishing equipment, fishermen have turned to generalist classified ad platforms such as Le Bon Coin or Facebook with all the risks that this entails.

At Circle Fishers, the principle is simple: thanks to integrated payment and shipment tracking, the seller is paid when the buyer receives the package and the buyer can only place an order if he is solvent; no risk of scamming on either side.In addition, the service offered by the marketplace is completely free of charge for sellers. In order to be remunerated and to ensure a quality service to users, Circle Fishers applies a commission of 9% of the sale price to the buyer, i.e. 90 cents for a purchase of 10$.

Karim Sanogho, 34 years old, is the founder of Circle Fishers.passionate about fishing since his childhood, he lives in Montpellier.before launching the Circle Fishers project, he worked for several years for a computer company, always hoping to make a living from his passion.

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