On board the Arctic Sunrise, at the forefront of the fight for the defense of the oceans

Aboard the Arctic Sunrise (South Africa) (AFP) - In their oversized oilskins, the passengers of the Arctic Sunrise look very fragile, tossed about by the hollows of the South Atlantic.activists, they navigate towards a mysterious submarine mount, stage of a journey aiming to “save the oceans”.

In this southern spring, their 49-meter-long oceanographic vessel cruises 1,000 km northwest of Cape Town, South Africa.An AFP team has been invited on board for ten days.

Here is Mount Vema, a mountain of 4,600 meters, almost a Mont Blanc (4,800 meters) brushing the rough surface of the Atlantic Ocean (its peak is -26 m).

The Arctic Sunrise, belonging to the environmental NGO Greenpeace, has for mission to inventory the damage caused by industrial overfishing, pollution and global warming to the particularly rich fauna and flora of Mount Vema, site discovered in the 1950s.

Seamounts play multiple roles in regulating the climate, as habitats for endemic species, or as supply sites for fish, seabirds, marine mammals.On the summit of Vema, algae, krill, corals attract fish and shellfish.

The fate of a crustacean highly prized by gourmets alone sums up the stakes in the battle that is being waged in the heart of the ocean.

Once abundant around Mount Vema, lobster has almost disappeared twice in fifty years, a victim of industrial fishing boats.

On the deck of the Arctic Sunrise, divers armed with cameras prepare to survey the contours of the mountain in search of lobsters.

Posted Date: 2021-01-17

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